Temptation Nights: Every Night 9pm Happy Hour at San Juan's Best Gay Bar & Disco!

608 Calle Bolivar - Santurce Arts District - 1 block from Cobian's Plaza

Plan your next party at TEMPTATION!

Plan your most fabulous gay party at Temptation!

Temptation is available every night from 9pm – 11pm for parties (earlier if you have a large group).  

We’ll designate an area of the club for your group – and you can decorate, bring a cake, etc. for your guests.

Its Easy to have your Party or Event at Temptation:

  1. Call TEMPTATION at least one week before your event at 787-309-8888
  2. Let us know how many people you expect to attend and what type of party.
  3. Discuss any special needs, decorations, place to put a birthday cake, etc.
  4. After a preliminary discussion, you can meet with our staff and decide which area would be perfect for your party setup.

In exchange for providing party space – Temptation will expect your guests to buy drinks at the bar (Happy Hour prices are in effect every night).  You will not be allowed to bring any beverages for your party.   

If you need assistance hiring strippers, DJ’s, etc. we can discuss this when you call.  Any entertainment MUST BE AUTHORIZED by Temptation prior to the event.  

If you’d like to arrange food or snacks – see our menu for available items or discuss any special menu items for your event (additional cost for food/service).

The club will be open to the general public during your party – but you will be assigned an area of the club for your group.

If you have a very large party – or an event that is earlier than our regular hours – just give us a call at 787-309-8888.

Party availability is based solely on the decision of the management of Temptation


*House Drinks: House Rum, House Vodka, Midori, Blue Curacao, Amaretto, Soda or Water

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